Models: Dakota LovellJack Andram

Studio: Brother Crush

Themes: Bareback, IncestCreampie/Cum In Ass

Dakota can't sleep and asks big brother Jack if he can sleep in his bed with him. Jack agrees and cuddles up to Dakota, telling his bother to count to help him drop off. The counting doesn't work though, so jack another suggestion to his little brother: Getting off! He unzips Dakota's cute onesie and grabs hold of the twink's chunky boner. jack then takes that fat cock in his mouth and greedily slurps on every inch of his little brother's hard shaft. The oral doesn't get Dakota off though, so Jack tells the boy to bend over and offer up his ass.

Dakota does as he's told and gets a good fingering and rimming from his older brother. He then gets Jack's raw rod rammed right into his tight teen hole. Jack slams that ass deep and hard, making his brother moan in pure pleasure. The brothers go at it in a few positions, leading to Jack pulling out and firing a hot load of cum all over his little brother's hole. Dakota begs Jack to push the cum inside, and Jack doesn't hesitate to pumps his dick and jizz back in. Jack then tells Dakota to cum on his face, and Dakota jerks off until he fires a huge load all over his big brother's face like a good boy.

Dick Detective's verdict: Excellent! I do love this brother pairing, and I really love the sideways anal position in this scene as it gives us a great view of Jack's thick bare cock pumping in and out of Dakota's ass.

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