Holy fuck it's been hot here recently! I dread to think how risky it might be for a boy like Cameron to be hauling out his cock in the sun and enjoying a solo stroke, but I would love to be there to prepare him for it by covering him in sun block 😉

20130612_12He's one of their most recent straight guys to arrive on the English Lads site, and he actually looks a lot like this lad I really wanted to suck off a couple of months ago when I saw him in the gym. I never even got to give him my number, but after seeing Cameron Donald wanking outside for this video I'm thinking I'll take the dive next time I see my lookalike and see if I can get some of that delicious dick!

You know, considering so many of these lads are straight and they know that there are lots of other guys like me out there wanking off over their solo videos, they all seem pretty confident and into it. It doesn't take long at all before Cameron is hard and wanking it, with his foreskin slipping back and forth and his balls bouncing with the rhythm. I wonder how hard it would be to get his dick in my hand, or mouth, if I offered?