Models: Kory Houston, Bishop Agnus

Studio: Young Perps

Themes: Bareback, Older On Younger, Breeding

Kory Houston is the newest young perp to be detained for shoplifting. Muscle bear Bishop Agnus is the security officer who is keeping Kory in the store room. He strip searches his young perp, leaving Kory totally naked. The officer then instructs Kory to suck on his dick if he wants to avoid getting arrested. Kory obeys and gulps down that daddy dick. But oral isn't enough for the daddy, so he bends Kory over the desk and rams his raw cock into the jock.

Kory takes his bareback pounding like a champ as the officer fucks him in several positions. He gets his ass slammed over and over until the muscle daddy can't hold back any longer… Bishop Agnus cums deep inside of Kory's ass. He breeds the boy, then lets him get dressed and leave without further questioning!

Best moment: Bishop dumping his load deep inside Kory.

Dick Detective's score: 4.5/5

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