Models: Xander Brave, Dean Phoenix

Studio: Family Dick

Themes: Bareback, Daddy & Son, Creampie/Cum In Ass

Cute young twink Xander gets home to find his mom's boyfriend, Dean, in the house. Xander is in a bit of pain from his ballet class, and Dean to give him a massage to help with the pain. is a professional masseur, and he tells Xander it will be more beneficial for him to lay down. Xander heads off to his bedroom and gets naked, then lays on his bed waiting for Dean. Once the hunk arrives, he's a little shocked to see Xander naked (with a towel barely covering his butt), but after Xander points out that his clients are usually naked anyway, Dean apologizes for the awkwardness and gets right to work. The hunk massages Xander all over his back until Xander point out that he has pain around his butt area too.

goes to work on Xander's butt, removing the towel to get right into the area. Xander gets hornier and hornier, making his dick stick out as Dean continues to massage his ass. Before long the tension gets too much and Dean gets his mouth around Xander's cock. He then buries his face into the boy's butt, sending Xander in heaven as he gets his hole tongue-fucked by the sexy daddy. Dean spends a good long while eating out Xander's ass, deeply rimming the hole and wedging his tongue all the way inside. Xander moans and squeals in pleasure as he feels that tongue stretching his hole open. Dean flips the boy over and blows his boner before laying back to let Xander undress him.

Xander is very impressed by Dean's big curved uncut cock and he eagerly goes down on it. After sucking that chunky daddy dick for a while, Xander want to take it up his butt. He sits on the raw rod and rides it, taking every inch up his smooth little butt. We then see the tattooed twink lay on his back to take a deeper and harder pounding from Dean's daddy dick which really makes the boy moan out loud. The hunky daddy slams harder and harder until he's ready to blow and pulls out to blast his load over Xander's hole. He then shoves his dick and jizz back inside as Xander jerks off and shoots his own load over himself. The pair then share a passionate kiss to finish their sordid affair. Looks like Xander definitely got the deep massage he needed!

Dick detective's verdict: Excellent! A 10/10 scene from start to finish. and Xander make a fantastic daddy & son pairing. Xander is genuinely thirsty for that thick daddy dick.

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