Models: William Seed, Joey Mills

Studio: Men

Themes: Older on Younger, Condom, Facial

Coat-check boy is bored and horny, so while no-one is around he pulls out his big chunky cock and begins jerking off. Just then, blond hunk William enters the club and walks past the coat-check counter. He gets an eye-full of Joey bating his boner, and when a shocked Joey looks up to  see him, William pulls out his own hard throbbing cock. The hunk leaps over the counter to join Joey and pushes the twink's mouth down onto his dick. Joey eagerly blows that boner before they move through the coat rack for more privacy. Hidden behind the wall of coats, William slides his big boner into Joey's ass and pounds him hard. The twink takes a deep drilling, even as a new patron comes to the coat-check desk. Joey leans through the rack and takes the guy's coat as William secretly continues to rail Joey's hole. the twink's ass-pounding continues in several more positions until William finally pull out and blasts his load all over the coat-boy's face.

Dick Detective's verdict: A fun plot and lots of hot sex throughout. I particularly liked the hidden sex moments and Joey's fun expressions.

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