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This scene is titled “Introducing Jeremy Price”, so we get a revealing interview with the blond newbie to start off with. It's then onto the action as we find him and Wes Campbell on the bed making out together. Passionate kissing quickly leads to their clothes coming off, and Jeremy soon has his lips wrapped around Wes' big dick. He sucks and slurps on that throbbing twink cock like a pro, feeling it tickle his tonsils as he swallows every inch.

Wes then gets to take control and service Jeremy's hairless hole with his tongue. He thoroughly rims the tattooed twink, ramming his tongue deep into Jeremy's pink pucker. Onto the anal action, and Wes slides his big bare boner all the way into Jeremy's butt. It's a tight fit, but one that feels amazing for the bottom boy! Jeremy visibly and audibly loves having Wes' raw cock pumping away inside of him. The boys fuck in several positions, and we get some fantastic close-ups of the action too.

Finally, Jeremy gets the cum fucked right out of him. Wes then feels the need to seed, and pulls out to creampie Jeremy's well-fucked hole before sliding his dick and jizz back inside!

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