Sexy inked jock fucks muscly young stud in their new duo scene “Bro Code”.

Tobias is looking for a roommate, and when Vadim turns up to look around he points out the “Bro Code” to him int he kitchen. The last rule of the code is the clincher: What happens in the house stays in the house. Which gives Tobias the perfect excuse to make a grab for Vadim's groin! Vadim is unsure at first, but as long as it stays in the house he's happy to get down and dirty…. Tobias is soon on his knees sucking off the sexy jock, and he then whips out his own stiff dick for Vadim to blow in return.

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It's not long before they're both fully naked in the kitchen and Vadim is rimming Tobias' butt as he's pressed against the fridge. Vadim then rams his raging boner deep into the stud's butt and pounds it hard, slamming into Tobias from behind before sitting down on the floor to let the stud ride him balls deep. Tobias then takes a doggy style pounding fromVadim on the kitchen floor, and his tight butt hole gets stretched open until they're both ready to blow their loads all over.

I think I may have to implement the “Bro Code” in my place now too…..

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