Wow guys, I've got a real treat of an update for all you horny uncut cock fans today! If you're a fan of the straight boy action, foreskin on a delicious dick, and guys wanking themselves off together then this is gonna be one of those videos that get's you squirting plenty of times in the near future!

You probably know what the guys at English Lads are like, and you know that they often get their straight guys jerking off with each other in their videos. They even get them going further than that, submitting to having their straight boy cock stroked and sucked for them for the first time by another guy.

You've probably seen the hot straight boy Jay Hall on the site before, and if you haven't seen the pics I've added here you should check out Jay Hall getting sucked off and his younger brother Oli Hall wanking. But they've got the brothers together for this video after suggestions from a lot of their adoring fans!

The boys are so similar, even down to their uncut cocks that they love to haul out and get stroking. And even though they're a little nervous about wanking together on camera at the start, Jay is as horny as ever and his cock is solid and throbbing before he's even naked!

There's a whole lot of comparison and secretive glances in this video, and when Jay takes control of the camera and directs his brother to show off his virgin hole I almost dumped all my cum right there! I'm glad I held it in though, because seeing them sitting side by side and jerking themselves off to a squirting ending was intense, with Jay giving one of his classic jets of cream and Oli dumping his creamy load over his abs 😉


Uncut Brothers Jerking Off Together At English Lads