had been a fan of sports for most of his life. As a young twink, he was incredibly athletic and loved games. Despite his small frame, Tyler was determined to make it to the top. He trained hard and worked incredibly hard to be the best he could be.

Tyler was also eager to impress his coach, Draven Navarro, and show him that he belonged on the team. As the private coaching went on, Tyler could feel the older man’s attention more and more. Tyler was excited but also a little nervous, but before he knew it, their lips were locked.

Tyler felt Draven’s strong hands exploring his body as the older man pulled off his shirt and kissed his neck. Draven’s hands moved down to Tyler’s pants and pulled them off, revealing his long and hard cock. The coach grabbed the Tyler’s cock in his hands and began to stroke it slowly. Tyler moaned as Draven squeezed and sucked his cock. The twink felt himself getting closer and closer to the edge. He wanted to cum, but Draven kept on teasing him.

Before Tyler knew it, he had his bareback cock shoved deep inside of his coach's tight ass. He pounded the daddy deep and hard on the couch until he could no longer hold back, and pulled out to shoot a huge creampie of cum all over the daddy's freshly-fucked ass.