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In “Dark Matter”, we see Skyy Knox bring life to his own sexual creation – Tyler Roberts. Skyy removes the black sheet to reveal the muscly hunk, adorned with leather jockstrap, boots, and straps. Tyler is soon sucking on Skyy's throbbing uncut cock, and he then removes the leather jockstrap to reveal his own huge dick. Skyy goes down on that lengthy dick and swallows as much of it as he can. Saliva drips from Tyler's dick and Skyy's mouth as he gags on the thick chunky shaft.

We then see Tyler stretch Skyy's muscly butt open as he rams his fingers deep inside of it. He gets all of his fingers up there before replacing them with his tongue. Tyler rims that stretched hole good, then shoves his big dick inside and fucks Skyy hard. That dick goes in deep as Tyler drills Skyy in several positions. Skyy moans in delight as he gets his ass slammed, then finally sits on Tyler's face for another tongue fuck. That does the trick, and Skyy blasts his jizz all over Tyler's beefy body. The taste of Skyy's used hole on his face and the feel of his warm cum dripping down his torso soon makes Tyler blow his massive load too.

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