Sexy young jock is brand new to gay porn and makes his debut at in this -flop fucking duo scene with stunning twink .

A flip-flop scene is a great way to show off what a newbie can do, and Chandler certainly doesn't disappoint on top or on bottom. It's also great to see Tyler Hill in a flip-flop scene again too as he mostly bottoms in his scenes, though with a beautiful bubble butt like that it's no surprise really! Still, it's nice to see him top every so often too.


The boys get their duo started with some passionate kissing on the bed before moving onto the oral action. We get to see Chandler's oral skills as he blows Tyler before he gets his own big dick sucked in return. Tyler's bubble butt then gets a good eating out from the newbie before he shows us what he can do as a top, letting Tyler slide his down onto every last inch of his big dick and ride it balls deep.

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The boys then flip, and Chandler takes a pounding from behind as Tyler fucks him doggy style before they switch to a new position with the new boy on his back. Chandler makes just as good a bottom as he does a top, and as a reward for showing us what he can do he gets a huge load of cum dumped all over his pretty little face from Tyler! Nice.

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