Last time, we saw throuple Caden Jackson, Troye Dean, and visit their straight couple friends at their home. But it turns out isn't as straight as they thought, and we saw the hunk pound twink Troye in the bedroom.

This time, we catch up right where things left off. Caden notices something's up when their supposedly straight host Daniel hand-feeds twink Troye, so he peeks under the table to see Troye giving Daniel a foot job! Caden crawls under to blow Troye's boner and get his ass barebacked by Daniel, all while third boyfriend and Daniel's girlfriend sit with them! When Angel and Daniel's girlfriend see what's going on and out, it looks like the start of a new throuple as Daniel and Troye take turns using Caden's mouth and hole in various positions. Troye and Caden swap cum, then silver fox Daniel blows his load on both of their faces!