Models: Troy Thomas, Luke Taylor

Studio: Pride Studios

Themes: Flip-Flop, Jocks, Condom

Troy Thomas and Luke Taylor walk into the room expecting to see their buddies Vadim and Javier, but when they see a used condom on the floor Troy exclaims, “I knew it! I knew they were fucking each other.” The thought of their buddies fucking makes Troy and Luke horny, so they decide that they too should have some fun. Luke starts out by sucking Troy's hard cock. Troy then sucks Luke's cock and as he deep throats every inch.

Luke then rims Troy up against the wall before sliding his dick into him and pounding him bent over. The boys then flip as Troy lies on his back and Luke rides his cock. After riding Troy's cock, Luke wants to drill Troy some more and he puts him on his back and pounds him until Troy shoots his load. Luke jerks off and shoves his dick in Troy's mouth as he shoots his load inside.

Dick Detective's verdict: Great! I particularly loved the rimming with Troy up against the wall.

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