After cruising each other at the train station, and couldn't contain their desire for each other any longer. They eagerly raced back to Tristan's bedroom and locked the door behind them.

As they embraced each other passionately, they each ran their hands over each other's taut bodies, enjoying the feeling of their uncut cocks twitching and throbbing.

They finally pulled away from each other to start exploring each other's bodies more intimately. Tristan slowly knelt down and eagerly took Adam's cock into his mouth, licking, sucking, and teasing it until Adam was moaning with pleasure. Adam then reciprocated and passionately started to suck Tristan's cock as Tristan groaned and moaned.

The pleasure was intense for both and as the night went on, there was more to come. They started to kiss again passionately, and then Tristan moved his hands to Adam's ass, fingering and rimming him until Adam was begging for more.

Finally, when both were ready, Tristan assumed the position on top. He thrust his bareback cock into Adam, both of them crying out with pleasure as their bodies collided. Tristan drove himself into Adam, pounding the boy in several positions, thrusting faster and faster until they both finally lost control and erupted in a climax of teenage cum.