Models: Tristan Hunter, Shane Jackson

Studio: Falcon Studios

Themes: Outdoor, Flip-Flop, Condom

As they cool off in the pool, sexy studs Tristan and Shane can't help but admire one another's muscly bodies. The horny pair passionately kiss, and Shane then goes down under the water to suck on Tristan's throbbing boner. After the underwater blowjob, the guys move to the side of the pool where Shane continues to suck on Tristan's stiff dick. He then spreads Tristan's legs open and eats out the hunks smooth ass.

After a good rimming, Shane slides his dick into Tristan's hole and drills it deep. He pounds the stud hard from behind until it's time to flip. Now Tristan lays on his back as Shane mounts him and rides the stud's dick balls deep. Shane bounces up and down as he jerks off his dick and soon cum all over. Tristan pulls out and aims his dick at Shane's face, soon squirting his seed all over it.

Dick Detective's verdict: Excellent. Great use of the setting with the underwater blowjob and Shane spitting water onto Tristan's hole as he rims it.

Watch the full video here at Falcon Studios