Models: Tristan Jaxx, Skyler Hart

Studio: Pride Studios

Themes: Older On Younger, Daddy & Son, Hunks, Hairy, Uncut

Horny jock Skyler Hart is looking at porn on his laptop when his hunky stepdad Tristan Jaxx catches him. Tristan keeps quiet at first, watching Skyler for a while before letting himself be known. Skyler quickly loses the laptop in shock as Tristan says: “If you have any questions about sex, let me know”. “I do have one question” Tristan Says, “Are you uncut?”. Tristan proceeds to unzip his pants and show Skyler his throbbing uncut cock to answer the question. In no time Skyler is on his knees worshipping that big daddy dick with his lips and tongue. The horny pair get naked and head to the couch where Skyler gets to work thoroughly servicing his hairy stepdad's dick.

In return, Tristan bends Skyler over and rims his hairless ass. After feeling his stepdad's tongue and beard tickling his hole, Skyler then feels his stepdad's big dick filling him up deep inside. Tristan fucks the jock hard from behind before letting Tristan mount him and ride his big uncut boner. They then move to the floor where Tristan pounds Skyler on his back until they're both ready to blow, leaving Skyler coated in both of their hot loads.

Best moment: Skyler on his knees sucking Tristan's big uncut cock.

Dick Detective's score: 4.5/5

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