Models: Trevor Harris, Spencer Locke

Studio: 8teenBoy

Themes: Bareback, Flip-Flop, Creampie/Cum In Ass

As Trevor Harris is cooking dinner, Spencer Locke returns home and immediately heads into the kitchen. Spencer greets Trevor by hugging him from behind and passionately kissing him on the neck. This distracts Trevor enough to stop him from cooking and the twink turns around to properly kiss Spencer. Their teen lust rises and their clothes begin to come off. Spencer drops to his knees and frees Trevor's big hard cock which he quickly wraps his lips around. After sucking that dick for a while, Spencer then bends over the kitchen counter and offers up his ass.

Trevor eats out Spencer's ass before sliding his raw cock deep into it. He pumps away and drills the boy hard from behind. The horny teens then move into the lounge where Trevor sucks Spencer's dick before promptly sitting on it. He rides that bare boner balls deep until they flip once again. Now Spencer is laid on his back with Trevor pounding his hole. Spencer fires a huge load over himself right before Trevor pulls out and creams the boy's hole. Trevor slips his dick back in, pumping his jizz into Spencer's ass with his big boner.

Dick Detective's verdict: Excellent. A great flip-flop with some fantastic cum-shots from both boys.

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