Models: Trevor Harris, Seth Peterson

Studio: Helix Studios

Themes: Bareback, Twinks, Creampie/Cum In Ass

Trevor visits his buddy's and discovers the two of them have been secretly watching their sexy twink gardener every week. Rather than just sit and watch, Trevor decides to go out and introduce himself. Twink gardener Seth is happy to meet Trevor, and after being told about the boys inside watching, he agrees to put on a little show to make them jealous. Seth and Trevor hug, then begin passionately kissing, shocking the boys inside who then begin cheering and clapping. The scene suddenly cuts to Trevor and Seth in the bedroom, still making-out. As they begin slowly removing their clothes, the body grope each other all over. Trevor gets a handful of Seth's hard bulge before he frees that boner and gets down on his knees. He sucks and swallows Seth's boner, then frees his own throbbing cock before moving to the bed and letting Seth blow him in return.

Seth expertly sucks Trevor's dick, then promptly sits on it and slides his hole all the way down the full length. He rides that raw rod balls deep, jerking off as he does, and soon shoots his load over Trevor's leg. The boys change position and Trevor bangs Seth from behind before pulling out to rim the boy's hole. Seth gets Trevor's bare boner rammed into him once again as Trevor slams his hole hard from behind. The bottom boy can't help but jerk off and cum a second time as Trevor pounds his hole. We then see Trevor pull out and creampie Seth's hole, coating it in a wad of fresh jizz before he leans in to kiss the sexy gardener boy.

Dick Detective's verdict: Great! I love that Seth cums twice, and I particularly enjoyed Trevor's cum-shot.

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