Models: Trevor Harris, Caleb Gray

Studio: Helix Studios

Themes: Bareback, Creampie/Cum In Ass

At the Helix Academy school, Trevor and Caleb hook-up and head off to a dorm room for some private action. The boys make out on the bed, then Caleb moves lower to free the big hard bulge in Trevor's pants. Caleb quickly gets his mouth around Trevor's lengthy boner and eagerly sucks the stiff shaft. After a good while sucking Trevor's dick, Caleb sits back and lets Trevor return the blowjob. Trevor sucks Caleb's dick, then turns him around so he can eat out Caleb's tight ass.

Once that hole is nice and wet, Trevor slides his his big bare dick inside and begins pounding away. He bangs Caleb from behind, then sits back to let Caleb ride him for a while. It's then time for a missionary position pounding and Caleb soon cums over himself as Trevor slams his hole. Trevor pulls out and creampies Caleb, dumping a nice big load of jizz over the boy's hole. He slides his cum-coated cock back inside for a few more thrusts, then leans in to kiss Caleb once more.

Dick Detective's verdict: A nice pairing, and an absolutely smoking-hot creampie from Trevor at the end! Loved watching him slide his dick back inside too.

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