Inked stud Chris Harder takes every inch of Travis James' big dick in their sizzling new duo scene.

In “Working The Case”, we find Travis trying his best to get in on the same case as Chris, but to no avail. Although it seems he soon finds a way to get Chris on his side….. By feeding him his big fat cock! Travis has a huge dick, and that's irresistible to Chris who greedily sucks and swallows every inch of it. Once Travis is done face-fucking the inked stud, he spins him around and works his tongue into Chris' super tight butt hole.

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Travis then slides his big dick deep into Chris and pounds him hard from behind. Chris moans in delight as he takes every inch of that thick and chunky peen, riding it balls deep and then taking it harder as he lays on his back. With his legs spread open and his hole stretched wide by Travis' fat knob, Chris soon finds himself blowing a huge load off jizz all over before he gets drenched by another load from Travis. No doubt he'll be more amenable to letting Travis in on the case now…..

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