Muscly hunk  hooks up with young stud in this sizzling new duo scene from MEN.

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In “Take The Bait” part three, Topher and Austin both have a secret desire to get it on together, so they both hatch a plan to make it happen. They each use a girl as lure into a foursome just so that they can get their hands on each other. But when the girls both realize what's going on, they decide to leave the guys on their own. Now it's just the two of them. Topher and Austin are free to get it on just how they wanted!

Austin dives onto Topher's throbbing cock and swallows every inch of it before he gets his own stiff prick sucked in return. Topher then bends him over the bed and slides his dick into Austin's tight butt hole. he pounds that ass deep and hard, drilling Austin in several positions and stretching his hole open until finally fucking the cum out of the hot stud. Topher then squirts out his own big load all over Austin's face, leaving him dripping in cum and leaving both of them totally satisfied!

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