In the latest update is on the receiving end of a tickle attack from Dylan Hall, but before too long it's the insides of Luke's tight ass that are being tickled by Dylan's big dick. OK, maybe not so much tickled as deeply massaged… but you get the idea!
The tickling is fun, but the real fun begins as soon as Luke wraps his twinky lips around Dylan's dick. He's a great cock sucker, and that's a great dick to work with… nice and thick and long! Luke blowing Dylan is a definite highlight of this video. Another highlight for me is Luke Allen's ass – damn that is looking hot! I've never been so jealous of anyone's tongue before (that being Dylan's as he shoves it deep into that tight hole). Luke's ass also looks hot as he rides Dylan's thick pole, sliding up and down every inch of it. I could literally watch that all day!

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