Mike James, Johny Cruz, Benjamin Dunn &

Three In One!

I love Staxus scenes, and I love Double Penetration scenes, so what could be better than a new Staxus double penetration scene!? Well…. how about a Staxus TRIPLE PENETRATION scene!!! I thought the sight of two cocks rubbing together in one hole was hot – but three in one literally just made my dick explode!

Now onto the scene:

When the video opens Mike James, Johny Cruz, and are getting horny on the couch with some kissing. Muscled blond is manning a second camera and giving us some horny POV and close-up shots as he moves into the action. But also seems to be the director of this scene and he's a nasty fucker.

In one sequence Johny in lying back and Mike is sucking his cock, Denis is standing over them and grabs Benjamin's face and rams it down on his big dick, then he puts his foot on Mike's head and pushes it harder on Johny's erection. Johny assumes the position and Benjamin fucks him doggy style while Mike takes care of his mouth. And Denis moves around filming and shoving his cock in each guy's mouth.

Mike gets his chance to shove his long, curved dick into Johny's ass. Then Mike and Benjamin lie ass to ass and Johny sits on both of their dicks. Benjamin has been in double penetration scenes before, but judging by the look of ecstasy on Mike's face, this is his first time. He's loving feeling his hard-on rubbing against Benjamin's while Johny rides them both.

The guys swap for the final scene and Johny takes Benjamin and Mike again, but in a doggy style position. Then Denis slips his cock into Johny's already over-stuffed hole. It's a VERY horny sight seeing three cocks in a bottom's ass. But what's even hotter is watching these three tops squirt their juicy loads all over Johny's face. The tops hold Johny's face while each guy unloads one at a time. Johny's lips are covered in jizz, but he manages to swallow quite a lot of juice too.

– Dylan

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