I just watched a 5-minute trailer for Helix Studio's new The Zac and Scotty Show and it looks like a fun, new feature. Real-life boyfriends Scotty Clarke and Zac Stevens are wannabe documentarians and they grab a couple of cameras and take us on a tour of the Helix Mansion.

Not only is this where a lot of the filming happens, but it's where the out-of-town boys stay when they're shooting their scenes. And as you can imagine, a bunch of horny porn performers living under one roof can get up to all kinds of things. After running around with a camera for a couple of minutes, Zac hits Scotty's bedroom to introduce us, then Scotty grabs the camera and films while Zac sucks his dick. Yes, it's that kind of show.

After his blowjob break, Zac is back on the job interviewing Alex Greene and Liam Harkmoore just before they filmed their scene for the new series called The Art of Breaking Up. I'm surprised Zac didn't get Liam to show off his self-sucking skills, but there's plenty of that in his scene.

I don't know how often the Zac and Scotty Show will run, but it looks like a quite a bit of fun, so take a look for it when you're over at Helix Studios