first saw his boyfriend at a McDonalds. Scotty was working a shift and Zac stopped by to drop off a friend's keys. As the friend and Scotty worked together, Zac asked if he thought Scotty would be into him. Going against his friend's advice, Zac looked up Scotty on Facebook, they talked, and had their first date the next day – Zac's friend was wrong. And here they are fucking in one of ' Real Cam sessions.

Scotty's lying back on the bed with the camera in one hand and the other is pushing Zac's head down on his cock. Zac doesn't take his eyes off Scotty. It's such a sexy sequence. And Zac's a good cocksucker. He licks and kisses Scotty's cap before burying the whole shaft in his throat.

The guys take turns fucking each other, but I really enjoyed seeing Zac mounting Scotty and sitting on his dick. With the camera in his hand, he catches the first moments as Scotty inches his hard-on inside and Zac moans as his hole stretches and gets used to Scott's dick. After getting his ass rammed, Zac takes his turn holding the camera and drilling his blond boyfriend. I'm not sure who I prefer on top, so it's good thing I don't have to pick. And with the Zac & Scotty Show underway at Helix Studios, I'm sure there's many more horny antics coming from this pair.