Jaden is a lean and toned footballer and he arrived at English Lads around the same time as his best mate Ben Thompson, a cute blond guy. But it took Jaden a little longer than his buddy to work up the courage for some oral guy-on-guy action. Ben had his first blowjob from a guy back in August, but Jaden is just getting around to it now in October.


So Jaden has three videos now at English Lads. His first was the solo jack-off session, next came a massage and handjob with Dan Broughton doing all the work, and this week Jaden is back and Dan is blowing him. Jaden is pretty tense, but Dan has been christening straight guys on English Lads and giving them their first head sessions for a long time, so he’s pretty good at getting them to relax, forget about the cameras, and the fact that a guy has his lips wrapped around their cock – and that it’s actually getting hard.

But Dan isn’t one just to let a guy lie there and get sucked off. He gets Jaden up on his hands and knees so we can see his furry ass crack. Dan pulls Jaden’s cheeks wide apart and shows us his virgin puckered hole, then he sticks his head between the straight stud’s legs and sucks his cock some more. And Dan finishes Jaden off with his hand so we can see the mess he makes all over his abs.