I always love how porn guys wake up in the morning smelling fresh and ready for a romp. No morning breath or smelly armpits, just morning wood ready to get the day started. Oh well, it's porn right?  And porn is supposed to be about the fantasy. Evan Parker and Alex Jordan are starting us off with some horny morning sex in a brand new series over at Helix Studios called The Art of Breaking Up.

Evan is a city boy who has fallen in love with a starving artist. They're madly in love and they've jumped right into living together. But the city has lots of temptation. And these boyfriends find out that life isn't always about waking up with a passionate morning fuck. Sometimes other things or other guys get in the way of that perfect love.

But at least on this morning Evan and Alex share a quiet morning exploring each other's bodies. They kiss, nuzzle, and swallow each other's cocks. Alex rolls over on his side and offers his sexy butt and Evan is only too eager to stuff it. Is this the last time Evan will feel is cock inside his boyfriend's ass? Has someone else become the artist's muse? Was their love ever real? We'll find out soon enough in this exciting new Helix series.