Outdoors – Alex Santana, Mickey Taylor &


Staxus have been delivering quite a few outdoor scenes recently, and this one features a Tennis themed threeway starring Alex Santana, and Mickey Taylor. I'm not really a fan of full body tats, but tattoo lovers may enjoy seeing in this scene. Personally I prefer the natural look we get with Alex and Orlando.

Now onto the scene:

Although the actual Tennis skills of these three hot Europeans could be debated, their ball handling skills are definitely championship class! We get to see Alex show off his duo ball control as he fondles Mickey and Orlandos nut-sacks, whilst taking both of their hard dicks in mouth at the same time. Then, after taking turns on both cocks individually, Alex his peachy ass up for a very hot serve!

Mickey takes the first crack at Alex's ass, sliding his big fuck-pole deep inside whilst Orlando shoves his dick down Alex's throat at the other end. He clearly loves being in center position, getting filled from in front and slammed from behind! But, just like the game of Tennis, it's then time for the players to swap sides, and soon Mickey is feeding Alex his throbbing shaft whilst Orlando slides his cock into that well fucked hole.

My favourite part of the scene is next, where we have Mickey and Orlando sat on the bench and Alex already bouncing hard up and down on Orlando's cock. Then after a few minutes, he expertly swaps across to the other end of the bench and plonks his ass down on Mickey's waiting dick. (so hot!)

So is it game, set and match to Mickey or Orlando? You'll just have to watch and judge for yourself!

  • Dylan

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