Scandal at Helix Academy continues with the fourth installment. and caught the new teacher screwing his boyfriend in the classroom. And since no one is supposed to know that Doug and Ryker are lovers, Casey and Evan decide to blackmail the professor.

When Evan conceived the blackmail plan, he was thinking of getting the teacher to give them A’s so they didn’t have to work so hard this semester. But Casey cares more about seeing what the teacher has in his pants. Finding Acre alone in his classroom grading papers, Casey sits on the edge of his desk. It doesn’t take the professor long to figure out why Casey is there. “That’s not going to happen,” Acre says firmly. But Acre said that before when Ryker wanted to get fucked over his desk, you know, the thing that started this whole mess. This teacher definitely has a problem keeping his dick in his pants.

Casey lets his teacher know that he will pull out his 9-inch cock or else. Casey slides his pants down his slender hips and shows off his underwear. “Like these? They’re brand new,” he quips. Personally, I would have tied Casey to the desk and beaten his tiny little butt with the yard stick, but this is Helix Studios, not Spank This. So the teacher lets his student nurse on his humongous meaty cock, then lies him across the desk and fucks him. But didn’t the teacher just give this student even more blackmail material? Hmmm. The fifth and final episode is already out on Helix Studios, so you can find out how this all ends up.