I first saw sexy tattooed, blond boy on Squirtz a couple of weeks ago and I was wondering who we were going to see fucking his beautiful little ass. A couple of weeks later, , a cute stud from English Canada with a thick cock, also showed up on Squirtz. I never put two and two together, but when I hit Video Boys this morning and saw these two paired up, I couldn't have been more excited.

beni-colby1007Colby London is visiting Montreal and he's in his sexy blue swim suit and sunning himself on the rooftop deck. He's reading the Advocate and catching up on the gay news. Beni Rousseau comes out on the deck wearing a hot black swim suit, and Colby can't take his eyes off Beni's hot butt as the blond boy looks over the balcony. Beni finally sits in the chair beside Colby and the brunette flexes his hard-on in his swimsuit. When he sees that he has Beni's attention, he motions with his head that he wants to go inside.

Colby doesn't speak French and Beni doesn't speak English, but a couple of horny boys have ways of figuring things out without words. While blowing Beni on the couch, the boy moans wildly when Colby starts playing with his butt hole. With no doubt that Beni's a bottom, Colby motions for Beni to get on all fours and he drills the boy's beautiful ass on the couch. After giving Beni a vigorous ass fucking that has the bottom squirming and groaning, Colby stands to dump his load. Beni opens his mouth and catches the first drops of spunk, then an energetic squirt pumps across his cheek, and the rest of Colby's jizz falls in this cocksucker's hungry mouth.