Where do I even start with this video from Teach Twinks?!

Sometimes a shoot is just so horny I could cum within a couple of minutes, and knowing a few huge muscle guys like tattooed daddy Alexsander Freitas from the gym I was automatically interested in seeing him fucking the hell out of young Kyler Moss!

I have to make a confession here – I smoked as a teen. Although us boys hid behind the sports hall to have our sneaky smoke at break, if we'd had a janitor like this tattooed daddy I would have been in his closet hoping he'd catch me too!

That's the deal with this one, Alexsander Freitas catches young Kyler Moss having an illicit cigarette in his private room (where is all the pussy porn on the walls? lol) and they come to a special arrangement; Alexsander Freitas won't rat the boy out to the principal, but he needs somewhere warm and wet to stick his big solid cock in return.

You know a horny boy like Kyler Moss isn't gonna turn down sucking on a cock like that, and he definitely isn't gonna refuse having the cum fucked out of him either!

Okay, janitor is now another potential fantasy job on my list lol