It's always fun when Staxus pairs up a English speaker with one of the Czech guys. In this video for Staxus Uniforms, the lads are sitting on a cot wearing their uniforms. A very older uniformed superior comes in and gives them hell. “This room is a shit hole,” he barks. looks terrified, but seems less intimidated.

The old man promises to be back in 30 minutes and this room better be “clean as mirror.” So the boys tidy up a bit and Jaxon does all of the talking with Sven shrugging and smiling, pretending that he understands. Jaxon says, “I know what else we could be doing,” and pushes Sven on the cot and climbs on top. Ah, the international language of horniness, every guy understands that.

I'm a little disappointed when Jaxon sits on Sven's cock. I was looking forward to seeing splitting open Sven's tiny little butt. But my disappointment is short lived. Sven's got a deliciously big cock too and Jaxon makes it disappear balls deep. Then spoon fucking, and Sven pounds Jaxon on his belly and makes the cot springs squeak loudly, and finally Jaxon's is on his back getting drilled for the finale. And once Sven fucks the cum out of Jaxon, the blond top squirts his jizz all over Jaxon – and he is quite the shooter.

One question: How is that old commanding officer didn't hear all that spring squeaking? And now Jaxon and Sven have about nine minutes to clean up their cummy bellies and sort out the bed for the next inspection.