Guitar frontman gives rehearsal his all, but he wishes drummer would do the same. When tattooed jock Dex strolls in to practice late, and with a bad attitude, the frontman has to show him who's boss by putting his junk on Dex's drum. Annoyed, tries to show he's the boss by bending Sunny over, pulling down his jeans, and playing his drumsticks on Sunny's ass. Sunny isn't impressed – but mostly because Dax has no rhythm! He takes charge and pulls down the drummer's jeans to ram a drumstick into his hole!

That gets Dex's dick hard, so Sunny sucks the bottom's cock, then slides his raw dick into Dex's ass to teach him a lesson in rhythm. Dex devours Sunny's cock, then rides him reverse before taking that bareback dick deep in a hot pile-driver. Sunny slides a drumstick between Dex's teeth as he pounds him deep and harder in doggystyle, and after Dex cums, Sunny pulls out for a solo finish all over his face!

Dick Detective's thoughts: A fun scenario and great use of the drumsticks too! I very much enjoyed watching Sunny slam Dex in the pile-driver position.