Sam Hansworth – Solo

Tattooed guys do show up on English Lads a lot, but the site seems to prefer clean-skinned guys overall. I don't like tattoos myself, and nowadays I find that a lot of guys go totally overboard. Still, tattoos aren't for the viewer, they're for the wearer. Sam Hansworth is a 23-year-old, fit lad with a sleeve of ink down his left arm and another on his right shoulder.

Sam hasn't filmed with English Lads before, so they're introducing him. He's lean and smooth with the sexiest green eyes. He's also got a bit of face scruff, which gives covers up some of his sweetness.

You wouldn't know it looking at his underwear because he doesn't have a big bulge, but Sam does have a big dick. And you can see when he's lowering his boxer briefs that it's a thick one too. And even though this is Sam's first shoot, he's rock hard very quickly.

This one's a keeper and I'm sure we'll see a lot more of him on English Lads!

  • Dylan

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