Mick’s not happy today because he’s getting his ass fucked – again. He just finished a Broke Straight Boys threeway where he helped break in Kayden, a hung black stud who was losing his virginity. But around BSB a guy’s got to understand that he can’t always be on top, that’s just not fair.


Ayden is doing the fucking today, and frankly, I don’t know how “broke” he is because he’s apparently got a girl who works two jobs while he doesn’t seem to do much of anything. Well, he has made a bunch of videos for Broke Straight Boys, and honestly, I guess taking a cock up your straight ass isn’t “nothing.”

Ayden has also learned how to suck cock, so when he swallows Mick’s hard-on, the young lad lies back and moans. Mick doesn’t have as much blowjob experience and he hasn’t learned how to deep throat yet, but Ayden seems pretty content with his head. Mick assumes the position – doggy style – and Ayden pushes his way in; it takes a couple of tries, but finally he slides deep inside and whispers, “Your ass feels so good.”

Mick rolls over and lies on his back and Ayden shoves his dick back inside and the thrusts are getting harder. Mick holds his hand on Ayden’s leg to prevent him from drilling too deep. But Ayden grabs Mick's throat and starts fucking faster, aggressive little fucker, isn’t he? Mick starts uttering a symphony of “oh fuck” and Ayden finally pulls out and spunks all over Mick’s pubes and belly. Broke Straight Boys has some future plans for Mick’s ass, but the poor guy is hoping it’s not going to be one of the big guns. Time will tell.

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