Muscly jock Victor Powers plays the straight boy who becomes the bottom boy in this sizzling threesome scene with Scotty Zee and Lance Taylor.

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Lance has gone to bed, and in the lounge it's not long before talk has turned to sucking dick for Scotty and straight guy Victor. Before long, Victor has let Scotty wrap his lips around his dick, and this straight boy is totally loving it. As the oral action continues, Scotty then tells Victor he has a surprise: Lance has returned from the bedroom to make their duo a threeway! Now all three horny jocks are sucking cock on the couch, but Scotty and Lance want to show Victor what else gay guys can do…

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Scotty then slides his big dick deep into Victor's ass and fucks the muscly stud hard while Lance feeds him his cock. Nothing better than a good spit-roast to break him in! Scotty and Lance then swap, and Lance takes his turn on Victor's hole, pounding it while Scotty shoves his dick down the straight guy's throat. After showing him what being fucked feels like, the two horny jocks then blow their loads all over Victor, leaving him totally covered in cum and feeling oh so glad he went gay!

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