- DD Feature Picture -Staxus have revealed information and a huge load of pictures for some of their new upcoming scenes which are due out over the next few months. There are two new movies – “Raw Response” and “Brief Encounters” that will both be split into separate scenes on the site. Here's a look at some preview photos from the movies and scenes:

Raw Response – Scene 1 (Oscar Hart, Tim Law, Sam Williams)rr 1

Raw Response – Scene 2 (Erik Franke, Andy Fisher)rr 2

Raw Response – Scene 3 (Sam Williams, Yuri Adamov)rr 3

Raw Response – Scene 4 (Harry Vakker, Nathan Dale)rr 4

Brief Encounters – Scene 1 (Luke Vogel, Yuri Adamov)BE 1

Brief Encounters – Scene 2 (Shane Barret, Victor┬áDiamond, Johny Cruz)BE 2

Brief Encounters – Scene 3 (Arthur Kral, Nathan Dale, Luke Vogel)BE 3

Brief Encounters – Scene 4 (Mike James, Victor Diamond)BE 4

Brief Encounters – Scene 5 (Benjamin Dunn, Florian Mraz)BE 5

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