Models: Spencer Laval, Nathan Styles

Studio: Next Door Buddies

Themes: Bareback, Jocks

Spencer Laval is jerking off to some porn on his tablet when he hears a knock on the door. It's his buddy Nathan Styles who he invites inside. Nathan sits back on the couch and discovers the tablet with the porn still on the screen. He hits play and watches some of it, and soon both horny jocks are beating off as they watch the porn together.

Nathan can't help but stare at Spencer's dick, and soon garbs hold of it to jerk Spencer off. Eventually he moves closer and goes down on that dick, giving his buddy a blowjob. Spencer isn't complaining as he feels his buddy's lips around his dick. Nathan gets his own dick sucked in return by Spencer, but soon the guys are wanting more than just oral sex.

Spencer sits on the floor and Nathan then sits all the way down on Spencer's raw cock. He rides that dick balls deep, then bends over the side of the couch to get pounded from behind. They get into the missionary position and Spencer fucks the cum out of Nathan. He then pulls out and squirts his own load over the young stud too leaving their horny urges more than satisfied.

Best moment: Nathan sitting on Spencer's bare dick.

Dick Detective's score: 4/5

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