, , and all team up for a sizzling threesome in “Speed Dating”.

Diego is finding it easy to hook up with guys with just the swipe of his finger, and he invites over two that he really likes the look of for a simultaneous speed date. Brandon and Ashton both enjoy their date with Diego, so they both end up back at his place for a sizzling threeway! After stripping off, their throbbing dicks get blown as they take turns to suck one another off, and then Brandon finds himself the bottom boy as Diego and Ashton take turns on his ass. They eat out that sexy butt before ramming their dicks deep inside it, spit-roasting the young stud as they fill him from both ends.

Diego and Ashton pound Brandon's ass in turn, slamming his hole deeper and harder until they're ready to blow and leave the bottom boy drenched in their hot jizz. A successful speed date for these three sexy studs!

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