The boy next door sneaks into Alex's bedroom while Alex's dad is sleeping. Alex tells the boy to be quiet, and they get onto the bed and begin making-out. But soon there's a knock on the door so Alex quickly hides the boy in his closet. Alex's dad Bill knows something is up and soon finds the boy. He tells them that if they want to get it on, they have to do it with him. Soon both the boys are slurping on Bill's boner, licking and sucking it together.

Bill then gets the boys to bend over and he rims both of their butts before sliding his raw cock into his son Alex. The boy next door shoves his dick into Alex's mouth while he watches on, but he soon gets his turn to drill that twink hole too. He slides his bare dick into Alex's ass and pounds it hard as Alex's dad watches. They continue to tag-team Alex's hole and swap between him until Bill finally pulls out and creampies Alex's used hole. The boy next door cums in Alex's mouth and they all share a final kiss together.

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