Soccer Saturday – Eurocreme Special not only has some of the hottest lads in some of the hottest scenes & DVD's around, but quite often they also have some of the hottest lads in soccer kit too!

Today's Soccer Saturday is dedicated to just a couple of the soccer kit scenes Eurocreme have released so far, but they have many more and I'm sure we'll see more sports kit settings from them in the future!

  • Dylan

See the full scenes from these pics and many more here >>>>> 

37_Footie_film_-_Alex___Damien_002 37_Footie_film_-_Alex___Damien_011 37_Footie_film_-_Alex___Damien_018 37_Footie_film_-_Alex___Damien_070 37_Footie_film_-_Alex___Damien_112 37_Footie_film_-_Alex___Damien_128 37_Footie_film_-_Alex___Damien_181 37_Footie_film_-_Alex___Damien_206 37_x_003 37_x_024 37_x_032 37_x_067 37_x_099 37_x_147 37_x_176 37_x_495

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