Hot studs and hook up for a sleazy bathroom fuck in “For A Good Time Call” part two.

In this scene, Luke and Tobias are both in the same bathroom in adjacent stalls, and they're both horny as fuck. Tobias peeks over his stall to see Luke jerking off, but for Luke stroking his dick just isn't cutting it. He decides to call the number written on the stall wall, and to his surprise a phone in the next stall rings. It's Tobias! In no time Tobias is sliding his dick through the glory hole and Luke wraps his lips around that throbbing meat. He sucks and slurps on Tobias' dick, feasting on every inch of it.

Luke then bends over and presents his ass under the stall which Tobias dives right into with his tongue. After rimming him, Tobias then rams his hard dick deep into Luke's butt and fucks him through the stall. A short while after, the horny pair meet up in the same stall so Tobias can really pound Luke's ass good and hard. It's a sizzling fuck from this sleazy and sexy pair that ends with a face full of cum for Tobias!

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