Models: Austin L Young, Cole Blue, Legrand Wolf, Jack Andram, Maxx Monroe, Matthew Figata, Killian Knox, Marcus Rivers

Studio: Boy For Sale

Themes: Bareback, Group, Daddy & Son, Breeding/Cum In Ass

Masters know their slave boys can be things to admire and share with friends, and that's definitely the spirit at this intimate party. Slave boy Marcus lays on a kitchen island, surrounded by four Masters who are making small talk and sipping whiskey while inspecting every inch of Marcus's body. The Masters command their other slave boys in the room to freshen their drinks, and we see Austin, , Jack, and Maxx obediently serve them. Master Wolf starts by pinching and teasing Marcus's nipple, making him writhe in pleasure.

Master Felix instructs two other boys in the room to hold Marcus' feet in the air, exposing his tight teen ass for the Masters' enjoyment. Marcus moans and squeals in pleasure and pain as the men drop cold ice cubes on his exposed cock and hole, and then order him to fill his mouth with a throbbing daddy dick. Soon, the Masters decide to take full ownership of Marcus's hole. “Are you mine?” asks Master Figata as he slides his bare boner in and out of the boy's willing butt. Of course Marcus replies, “Yes.” He knows he is Master Figata's property, and desires to be a good boy. He soon proves it when he takes Master Figata's load as the horny hunk breeds him.

Master Figata invites Master Wolf to pounds Marcus's hole as well. “Do you want it?” asks Master Wolf, and Marcus screams, “Yes, sir!” just like he's been taught. Master Wolf squeezes his huge raw cock deep inside of Marcus used hole and pumps away, drilling it deep. The hung hunk shoots a second load in Marcus's ass, giving him his second breeding as he's surrounded by onlooking Masters and slaves. Master Figata leans in for a kiss, reminding the boy that it's an honor to be shared with his master's friends.

Dick Detective's verdict: Excellent! I loved watching hot bottom boy Marcus be the centre of attention and get used by those horny daddies.

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