Sexy European jock gets his hands all over tattooed twink in this horny massage scene from Twinks In Shorts.

Smooth inked twink Tom lies face down on Shane's desk while the sexy masseur gets to work. He gets his hands slippery with oil and rubs up and down Tom's back, working them over his smooth skin and slender body. The only trouble is that Shane can't help but admire the twink's luscious body and moves in for a closer inspection. A kiss here, a kiss there. Licking. Teasing Tom's nipples. Shane really goes for it when he gets Tom on all fours to play with his ass and finger his hole. With Tom's uncut cock rock hard thanks to all the manhandling, Shane then alternates between sucking and stroking the twink's boner before Tom takes over and explodes with a huge load of fresh jizz!


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