Sportladz – Chase Hunt & Sven Laarson

We've been on football (soccer) overload for weeks now so it's nice to see a couple of horny swimmers going at it!

Chase Hunt is one of my favourite guys over at Staxus, he's got such a fat dick and even from across the pool you can see that monster bulging large in his swimsuit. Chase has just finished doing laps in the pool and he sits beside Sven Laarson and the two kiss and fondle.

Chase goes from Sven's dick first. He releases it from the lad's red swimsuit and swallows. But I'm really more interested in seeing Chase's fat dick in the blond's mouth. Chase watches as Sven slides his lips up and down his over-sized shaft. Then Sven pushes Chase's legs in the air and chows down on his hole. I'm feeling disappointment because I was hoping Chase would be topping in this scene.

A couple of minutes later, I get my wish. Sven bends over and Chase pushes his beefy bare cock into the bottom's hole. The lads fuck standing up for quite a while, but watching Sven riding and sitting on that fat Frenchie is what gets me off. It gets Chase off too because Sven only pumps it in his ass for a minute or two and Chase pushes him off and explodes all over his smooth belly. Still panting from his own orgasm, Chase lies back and Sven lets his load drop all over his buddy's face.

  • Dylan

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