Evan Parker & Zac Stevens – Don't Tell Anyone

Time for another Helix scene!

We've got the gorgeous, totally boy-next-door-looks Evan Parker teamed with the tanned, blue-eyed Zac Stevens. And what a great pairing they make!

Lets get straight onto the scene:

“Secrets are only safe when you don't tell anyone.” is the tagline to this scene, and we're introduced to the setting of work colleagues Evan and Zac trying to keep their lustful co-worker sexcapades a secret!

After a majorly hot make-out session in the car (“we shouldn't get carried away” says Zac, proceeding to then carry on kissing Evan like there's no tomorrow!) the boys decide it might be for best that they go back to Zac's place so they don't get found out.

So it's not long before Zac and those stunning blue eyes of his are starring back up at Evan whilst his lips slide up and down the rock hard boner in front of him. Evan clearly loves having his dick inside Zac's willing mouth as shown by the expressions on his face, but he'd rather have it inside that peachy little ass of his!

Zac bends over the counter-top, whilst Evan pumps his fuckpole hard and fast into him. Moving onto the bed, Evan then pounds that tight hole deep and hard with Zac on his back, who moans with every thrust of his co-worker's dick sliding in and out of him.

This is one office romance that's going to have a very sticky ending! 😉

  • Dylan

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