Sean has brought out a board game and has a challenge for scene partner Tyus: see who's better at getting through the hole! Sean wins the first round, and Tyus laughs, “You're cheating! How the hell did you do that?” They play again, and this time Tyus gets too close to winning, so Sean knocks over the board, shouting, “Do you think we have time for play? We don't have time for play!” Sean quickly gets the bottom undressed and bent over on the bed to show him why he's the king of getting through holes!

Sean gets his throbbing cock out and slaps it on Tyus's plump ass, then slides it in deep and raw to pound Tyus doggystyle. After a good slamming, Tyus gets on top to ride Sean, expertly bouncing up and down every inch of the top's big boner. Sean then takes back the top spot as he drills the bottom missionary, and finally pulls out to blast his hot load all over Tyus' sexy butt.