Stunning twinks and pair up for a -flop fuck in the latest update!


In this new scene titled “Taking Turns”, the two sexy boys hook up and passionately kiss outside a crowded bar. It's not long before they're somewhere much more private though, and in the bedroom their passionate kissing continues until they're both totally naked. With their hard dicks out and begging for attention, Sean and Tyler get to work blowing one another. Taking it in turns, they suck one another's throbbing cocks until they're ready for some anal fun instead.

Tyler spreads his legs wide to allow Sean access to his beautiful smooth butt, and the twink is soon getting rimmed and fingered until his hole is nicely prepared for the fuck. Tyler then slides his tight pink hole down onto Sean's dick and rides it balls deep, but as much as he's loving the fuck Tyler wants in no the action too. So the boys flip-flop, and Tyler gets to play with Sean's tight ass too before ramming his hard cock inside it. He pounds that tight hole good and hard in a couple of positions before they flip once more.

Sean then gets to fuck Tyler again, this time taking control as he pounds the sexy twink on his back. It's not long before these horny boys are ready to cum, and you certainly won't want to miss Tyler's tight hole taking a hot cum creampie from Sean!

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