Sexy twink takes it deep in this ass-stretching scene with hung jock and a rather large dildo!

In this ass-play special scene, Sean's beautiful butt is the centre of attention, and Justin can't wait to get his hands (amongst other things) on it. Sean is appropriately dressed in a very sexy jock, so his ass is suitably exposed for play. Justin starts out by groping those sexy butt cheeks, and then fingering the twink's super tight hole. He slides a finger inside and pumps it in and out, making Sean moan as he's finger-fucked.

It's then time for some toys! Justin starts off with a regular sized dildo and slides it all the way into Sean's butt. He even sucks the bottom boy's dick as he pumps that toy in and out of him. It's then time for an upgrade, and Justin whips out an even bigger dildo to shove up Sean. And this thing is HUGE. But somehow, Sean's butt is able to stretch open enough to take that colossal thing. With his legs spread wide open, Sean takes it deep as Justin delights in pumping the massive toy in and out of his beautiful ass.

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The toys don't get all the fun though, as Justin wants his turn on Sean's ass too. He rolls a condom onto his big dick and then slides it into Sean's ass and fucks the bottom boy good and hard. He doesn't hold back either, knowing full well the twink can take it. Justin furiously pounds Sean's ass in some smoking hot positions, including a standing up position that's bound to make bottom-boys everywhere green with envy!

For the final position, Justin takes off Sean's jockstrap so the twink can jerk himself off and get the cum fucked out of him. Justin then navigates himself around so that he can shoot all over Sean's pretty little face, leaving it dripping in his hot jizz!

A fantastic ass-play scene from Helix Studios!

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