Tattooed hunk hooks up with sexy Brazilian jock in “Hotline” part 3.

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After talking on the phone, these horny studs are ready to meet up and fuck, and once Sean arrives at Leo's place he's very happy with what he sees. Leo invites Sean inside and they quickly get naked, Sean revealing his muscly inked body and Leo revealing his slim but sexy frame. After some lustful making out, Leo then eagerly wraps his lips around Sean's huge dick and spends a good while sucking on every inch of it. The Brazilian jock then gets his beautiful butt eaten out by Sean before the bearded hunk rams his stiff dick deep into it. Sean fucks Leo hard and fast, pounding the sexy jock from all angles until he gets the cum fucked out of him. One ehe's done drilling the bottom boy, Sean then blasts his own load all over Leo's pretty face, leaving him totally dripping in jizz!

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